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NUX NCH-4 UKIYO-E Mini Pedal with Three Vintage Chorus Models


UKIYO-E CHORUS (NCH-4) is a mini chorus pedal with three different chorus models including ST Chorus, SCH-1, and CE-1. You can switch the models by tapping the tap switch. Old-school analog chorus has always been warm but it was hungry for dynamic completion.

NUX's modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital. To achieve all of the UKIYO-E Chorus objectives, our engineers had to develop an algorithm that mimics the principles of BBD chips - the key component of analog Chorus effects. UKIYO-E's active low-frequency provides the traditional analog chorus tone discerning ears have come to expect in a true analog chorus pedal. Dynamic tone and noise-elimination ability put UKIYO-E into a completely separate category from cheap analog pedals.

Quality-grade BBD chips in large mass have become incredibly rare, so this method is not practical for making an affordable analog chorus device.

Using DSP technology, NUX is able to offer a mini-pedal with a contrasting array of chorus tones.

ST Chorus got inspired by MXR Stereo Chorus, which is gorgeous sounding. NUX has consolidated the controls by eliminating the bass and treble knobs, now internally set at middle position, and NUX has eliminated the need for the bass filter altogether, which is now automatically corrected through the advancements of Core-Image sound modeling.

- SCH-1:
SCH-1 tributes to ARION SCH-1, one of the best sounding vintage analog choruses, producing an incredible variety of authentic tones, anything from subtle, clean chorus to a pretty realistic Leslie effect.

- CE-1:
CE-1 is based on the legendary BOSS CE-1 which was the first chorus effect pedal arrived on the scene in 1976. Before that, it was only available as a built-in effect on a classic jazz amplifier. UKIYO-E exactly replicates the characteristic of this pedal; that special warmth of a rich jazz atmosphere, an immediate recognizable highlight to any musician's tone.
Mini but mighty! It also supports Stereo input & output. (Use 1/4" TRS plug, and choose Stereo mode.)

The USB-C port is for firmware update. Connect USB cable to a PC and hold the footswitch to boot-up the device and to enter the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. Once connected you can do firmware updates using DFU updater software.


- 3 chorus models in the mini enclosure.
- ST Chorus: Gorgeous sounding chorus.
- SCH-1: Clean chorus to a pretty realistic Leslie effect.
- CE-1: Special warmth of a rich jazz atmosphere.
- Sub-division with Smart Tap Tempo.
- True-bypass or Buffer-bypass (Trails).
- Supports Stereo.
- Low power consumption. (less than 100mA)
- Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.

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