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Used Fender Standard Telecaster 2005 FSR Electric Blue Metallic MIM


This Limited Edition Fender Standard Telecaster boasts a captivating allure with its unique and exclusive color- Electric Blue Metallic.  This one is bound to standout amongst the others in your stable.  This one weighs in at 8lb 3oz.

Equipped with a versatile pickup configuration, this Telecaster delivers a wide range of tones suitable for any musical genre. From twangy country licks to gritty rock riffs, it effortlessly adapts to the player's style, offering unparalleled sonic flexibility.

The instrument is in Near-Excellent condition for it's age with just a couple imperfections that are hightlighted in the photos.  The neck is smooth and comfortable, frets are in good condition and the action is nice and playable.  

Whether on stage, in the studio, or at home, the Made in Mexico Fender 2005 Standard Telecaster Limited Edition stands as a timeless icon of tone and style. With its limited edition color and exceptional craftsmanship, it's sure to inspire countless hours of musical creativity for years to come.

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