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Used Ibanez RG1121PB Caribbean Islet Flat


This one came into our shop via trade.   This is one sweet tone machine!  It plays fast and effortlessly with tonal variations for days.  The guitar is near-mint with no visible issues.  The neck is straight, truss rod works as it should and the frets are perfect.  If you are looking for a speed demon in amazing shape, look no further! Weighs in at 6lb 7oz

With its lightning-fast 11-piece Wizard neck and stunning poplar burl top, the Ibanez RG1121PB is a showstopping speed demon. An American basswood body provides a balanced tone, and a gorgeous ebony fretboard—punctuated with striking mother-of-pearl inlays and Jescar EVO gold frets—sings out with lively projection and miles of sustain. 

Classic RG performance
The Ibanez RG series of guitars has remained a standard in rock music for the last couple of decades, thanks to the effortless playability of its Wizard 11-piece maple/walnut/purpleheart neck. Switching between aggressive rhythm playing and fluid lead lines is effortless on this slim-profile neck.

Mono-rail bridge optimizes string vibrations
The Ibanez RG1121PB features Ibanez's mono-rail bridge, which uses a single bridge piece for each individual string. This provides tighter component coupling and improves the transfer of string vibrations to the tonewood for a purer, more resonant sound. Additionally, it prevents the vibration of strings from impacting each other, which can increase articulation.

Gargantuan tonal range
With two DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbucking pickups and 3-way switching, you'll be able to shape your tone any way you like on the RG1121PB. With its aggressive visuals and high output, it will forever be known as a rock guitar. However, the RG1121PB's fast playability and tonal variety make it a great instrument for almost any style. Beyond that, the RG1121PB switching system provides 6 different pickup combinations via a mini-toggle and 3-way switch switch. Whatever tone you're hearing in your head, the RG1121PB can achieve it.

Ibanez RG1121PB Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
American Basswood body capped in distinctive polar burl
Lightning-fast Wizard 11-piece neck in maple, walnut, and purpleheart
Gorgeous ebony neck provides ample sustain and features stunning mother-of-pearl inlays and Jescar EVO gold frets
DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbuckers are voiced for rock and metal
Mono-rail single string bridge configuration optimizes string vibrations
Zero Point System allows easy fingertip adjustment of spring tension

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