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Used Marshall 6100LM 30th Anniversary Head w/Footswitch


This one was traded in by a local studio.  The amplifier is in nice shape and is a tone monster.  There are some scuffs on the tolex and the handle brass is tarnished/scratched.  There is also a small hoe in the grill.  Electronically though, is very clean and works perfectly.  The power tubes are relativley new (JJ's) and the lettering is still bright red indicating they are newish.  The footswitch works perfectly but does have some scratches that you'd expect from normal use. 

Experience the legendary sound of the MARSHALL 6100 30th Anniversary head, proudly made in the UK. This all-tube, 100 watt powerhouse offers three impressive channels - Clean, Overdrive, and Lead. 

The 6100 three channels: Clean, Overdrive, Lead.
The clean channel reproduces a JTM45 circuit.
The overdrive channel, however, has three modes which work like the newer JVM models from Marshall. The first one is a reproduction of a JTM45 on slight breakup, the second is a 1959 Plexi and the third one is aJCM900.
The lead channel is a boosted JCM900.

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