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Tech 21

Used Tech 21 Double Drive 3X


"This unique pedal design captures the lush, muscular power amp distortions of both Class A and Class A/B tube amps. The tones can be used individually or you can feed one into the other for massive ‘cascading’ distortion and limitless tonal variation. The 100% analog Double Drive 3X is a 3-channel, fully programmable version of its single channel predecessor and features active 3-band EQ. You can store three custom sounds, even on the fly, by simply tweaking the knobs and double-tapping on a footswitch. How easy is that? And, with both Drives at minimum, you can program a clean boost up to 10dB for blazing solos." 

This pedal is used in good shape. There is some sharpie throughout as pictured. Other than that, there are a few points of friction that show a little wear. Nothing unexpected for a 13 year old pedal.

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