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Used Vitoos VLP8 Loop Switcher/Effects Controller Pedal

This one came into our shop via trade.  We have tested the unit and everything works.  Please note that the "A" switch operates properly but doesn't "click" like the other switches.  It may need replacement at some point. 
When engaging the VLP8, just choose your choice of tone groups and save for instant recall. These tone groups will be stored even after the power is shut down, so no constant re-assigning your favorite groups and settings. With the maximum storage of 32 groups tone, the design of TRUE Bypass of the VLP8 guarantees the smooth transfer of signal and it avoids the effect interference caused by other electronic switches. Further, the VLP8 also has super fast switch speed and excellent low switch noise (which can be inevitable in TRUE BYPASS devices). Very easy set-up with Memory functionality, as the VLP8 will remember all set sequences even after the power has been turned off. Very nice for the stage player and traveling musician! Usages: Connect effects to the L1-L8 of the VLP8, connecting “SEND” to “INPUT” of the effects, “RETURN” to “OUTPUT” of the effects. Connecting Guitar with the “INPUT” of VLP8. OUTPUT VLP8 to the Amplifier. Turn the VLP8 on, as well as all the Effects Pedals. The VLP8 mode is “BYPASS” while it is first turned on. The LEDs flicker to indicate Bypass status. Adjust the BANK+/- and AB(CD) to choose the tone you want. ( assuming effect secquences has been pre-set) Switch the tone sequence of any selected bank by pressing anyone of ABCD switches. Continuously pressing anyone of ABCD, BYPASS will be switched off or turned on. Pressing BANK+ or BANK- (8 banks to choose from) to switch the BANK Storage, VLP8 has 1-88 selected BANK storage in total.
  • Programable Looper that offers almost unlimited effects sets that can be switched quickly and easily
  • Quick and easy set-up with easy to follow change sequences.
  • Very easy set-up with Memory functionality,
  • There are 8 inputs for effects and these can all be assigned at one time if you choose for some real sonic madness !
  • Dimensions: 17 1/2 " W x 3 1/4 H x 1 1/2 D Weight: 5 lbs

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