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Used Walrus Fundamental Phaser Pedal


"The Fundamental Phaser is a versatile digital emulation of a classic phaser with the tonal integrity to live on a professional's pedalboard but with simplified controls friendly enough for even the newest effect pedal users. With 3 types of Phaser algorithms to select from, you can get sounds ranging from light tonal modulation to a highly modulated and resonant phaser." 

This pedal sounds awesome! A perfect first phaser, this versatile pedal showcases a pallete of sounds for any scenario. Live or in the studio, the fundamental phaser captures that classic "90" sound without the vintage pricetag. You can also switch the depth mode, which is extremely useful for fine tuning the range of the depth switch.

This pedal is in very good shape cosmetically, but does have some velcro on the back. This series has been a really refreshing addition to the beginner pedal market. Well built, and ready for whatever you can throw at it! Enjoy.

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