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Used Willcox Saber SL Bass 4-string Lightwave Fretted w/HexFX


The Willcox Saber! What can I say, this thing has it all. No, really. It's got everything! Optical pickup, piezo, midi outs... slick stealthy looks? Not much more you could ask for. How about a gig bag? Check. 

This bass is somewhat difficult to describe, so I'll let the manufacturer do it:

"The HexFX Technology in this instrument provides individual string outputs, along with a summed mono output, to a 13-pin DIN connector. The resulting output enables full synth access, individual string processing and modeling. Our HexFX 13-pin output technology paired with the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth (not included) gives you unlimited tonal possibilities!"

This bass has 1:1 compatability with Boss' Synth systems. So if you're looking to synthesize your low-end, taking your rumble to the next dimension, this is the bass for you. Skyrocket into synth-land with the Saber today.

Although the Saber supports midi, there is also a (somewhat) traditional Mono 1/4 in out. This means you can plug it into your favorite amp & rock out with it like any other bass. 

"The LightWave Optical Pickup’s transparent response ensures harmonically rich, deep, and powerful tone, spanning a wide range from pure, natural string sound for the ultimate in lyrical playing, to super-aggressive for all-out shredding. Extremely low noise characteristics eliminate the annoying background hum and buzz typical of conventional pickups, and with no magnetic field damping the strings, sustain is long and natural." 

This bass is used in great condition. There is some minor play wear throughout, but nothing jarring. It's high gloss black finish is in good shape. We've pictured any scratching to our best ability. Electronically, the bass is fully functional- and sounds awesome! It comes with the original charger cable and adjustment wrenches, as well as the manual. Trust me, you'll need it. It weighs 7LBS 2oz, and is set up to be ultra-playable with flat-wound strings.

If you are looking for a space-age bass to take you into the next dimension, I can't think of a better companion than the Willcox Saber.

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