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Yamaha SBP2F50CR Cranberry Stage Custom Drum Shell Kit, 5-Piece


Yamaha SBP2F50CR Cranberry Stage Custom Drum Shell Kit, 5-Piece


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The Yamaha SBP2F50 Stage Custom five-piece drum shell kit utilizes Yamaha's enhanced sustain system to help you get more stability and sustain out of your drum hits. This shell kit features a kick, snare, floor, and two mid tom drums, as well as a TH945C tom holder to get you started. Each drum is built with 100% six-ply structure birch shells and triple-flange steel hoops for a secure and steady design. Yamaha's custom ball mount and clamp design and die-cast claw hooks provide additional stability and a helpful reduction of noise.

YESS: Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System

What sets your SBP2F50 kit apart from others is Yamaha's enhanced sustain system. To encourage your drum shells to resonate naturally, this design aims for as minimal of contact as possible between the shells and the hoops, claws, and other hardware. This design has also made sure that the point of contacts are nodal points to avoid interference with shell vibration and sustain. The YESS model allows you to place your toms closer together if you're the type of drummer who loves speedy fills, no matter how hard or how fast your sticks fly.

6-Ply Birch Shells

To get more out of each stroke, each of the Yamaha Stage Custom kit's five drums is built using a six-ply structure birch shell. Birch is a classic tonewood choice for a drum kit, and it allows for the resonance, sustain, and accurate conveyance of the impact surface vibrations of each drum. Every hit will generate and maintain a big, warm, and vigorous punch that will fill the room with vibrant sonic animation.

Less Noise -- More Drum

Each drum utilizes triple-flange steel hoops and die-cast claw hooks to provide stability with just the right amount of flexibility, so your drums ring out without any buzz or loss of tonal energy. Yamaha's custom ball mount and clamp design provides additional steadiness and features an ultra-hard resin ball inside a chromed housing, which is held securely in place via a titanium ergonomic wing bolt. You can hit this kit as hard and fast as you like, knowing well that each drum will maintain its footing every beat of the way.


- Five-piece drum shell kit
- 14 x 5 1/2 inch snare
- 22 x 17 inch bass drum
- 10 x 7 inch rack tom
- 12 x 8 inch rack tom
- 16 x 15 inch floor tom
- TH945C tom holder
- Triple-flange steel hoops
- Six-ply structure birch shells
- Yamaha enhanced sustain system for increased sustain and stability
- Yamaha's custom ball mount and clamp design
- Die-cast claw hooks to reduce noisiness

NOTE: Shell kit only. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

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