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Used Marshall Code 50 Modelling Combo Amp


This Marshall Code 50 is used in good shape! Its got some minor wear around the cabinet, as pictured. This amp is Marshall's way of offering coveted studio tones in an affordable and lightweight package. Here's some of their writing on the amp:

"Brought to you by Marshall, the CODE50 combo amp delivers 50W of punch through a custom 12" speaker. This innovative amp combines digitally modeled preamps, power amps, and speaker cabinets from Marshall's most legendary amplifiers with studio-quality effects to provide an endless array of tonal possibilities. Guitarists can now enjoy the coveted tones of the JTM45, Bluesbreaker, Silver Jubilee and more in a compact, lightweight package."

This amp rocks! It comes stock with 100 presets. Ready to be cranked up and enjoyed by you! It weighs 28LBS! Come check it out.

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