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Used Quilter Micropro Mach 2 Combo Amp 200watt 1x12 w/ cover


This is in great condition for a used amp. Stitching is slightly feathered at ends and the protective case has some wear, but other than that, this is a clean amp. A favorite of pedal and lap steel guitar players, this amp also excels with your regular ol' six string electric. Super versatile modeling voices for all your favorite classic tones!

Loaded with a 12" Celestion BN12-300s speaker with 300 watts of power handling, the Quilter Labs MicroPro Mach 2 combo amplifier delivers amazing headroom for tonal purity. No matter how hard you hit this amplifier, you’ll hear no speaker breakup or cone cry — perfect if you fine-tune your tones with your pedalboard or modeling device. The Mach 2 all-analog signal path boasts six voicings based on some timeless British and American amps, as well as Quilter’s famed Full-Q voicing. Its 1/4" and XLR combo inputs equip this amp for vocals-and-guitar solo gigs. If you’re craving real-deal guitar tone in an extremely portable solution, be sure to check out the Quilter Labs MicroPro Mach 2  combo amplifier.

Six amp voicings

The all-analog Mach 2 allows you to select from six different amp voicings, which apply to both channels 1 and 2. Applying each voicing setting imparts a personality that reaches far beyond this amp’s powerful tone-shaping controls. Here’s what you get:

  • Full Q: what Quilter believes a guitar amp should sound like.
  • Smooth: a creamy, high-gain tone that’s laden with top-end clarity, this setting takes gain well without becoming overblown.
  • Lead: based on a seminal high-gain British amplifier, the Lead setting gives you tons of classic-rock crunch and endless gain for solos and lead work.
  • Surf: inspired by a large, full-bodied American amp from the 1960s — fans of classic surf music will instantly recognize this option for its tremendous low-end response and clarity.
  • Brown: based on another ’60s-era American combo, this voicing is marked by a “crumbly” sort of gain staging and a fizzy top end.
  • Tweed: built off a tweed-covered, TV-style 1950s American workhorse, this lo-fi, somewhat nasal voicing is jam-packed with vintage vibe and rootsy goodness.

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